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Alice,Bob need shared symmetric key. KDC: server shares different secret key with each registered user. Alice, Bob know own symmetric keys, KA-KDC KB-KDC , for communicating with KDC. Alice communicates with KDC, gets session key R1, and KB-KDC(A,R1) Alice sends Bob KB-KDC(A,R1), Bob extracts R1 Alice, Bob now share the symmetric key R1. 33

If Alice wants to encrypt a file called Customerdetails.xls, for example, so both she and Bob can decrypt and work on it, she generates a random symmetric key and the Customer Details file is encrypted using it. Alice retrieves her and Bob’s certificates and through them, both their public keys.
Aug 29, 2016 · Because PGP uses a private-key protocol (IDEA) to encrypt Alice's document, some form of public-key encryption must now be used to securely deliver the session key to Bob. PGP uses the RSA cryptosystem to deliver the session key ; it simply encrypts the randomly-generated session key with Bob's public key and then appends the RSA-encrypted ...
Example: If Alice adds Bob to her group, the group’s membership key is encrypted with Bob’s public RSA key. Now Bob is able to decrypt the membership key, and thus, the group’s private RSA key. Organization Management
For example, if Bob wants to send sensitive data to Alice, and wants to be sure that only Alice may be able to read it, he will encrypt the data with Alice's Public Key. Only Alice has access to her corresponding Private Key and as a result is the only person with the capability of decrypting the encrypted data back into its original form.
In these examples, /zone, /home/alice/zone1, and /home/alice/zone2 are encryption zones, while /home/bob is not. A rename is only allowed if the source and destination paths are in the same encryption zone, or both paths are unencrypted (not in any encryption zone).
2-party comm with symmetric encryption Symmetric encryption 4 key source E(e,m) m D(d, c) m Alice Bob c e unsecure channel adversary secure(*) channel (*) the channel is not physically accessible to the adversary and ensures both confidentiality

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Alice B “The Attacker” can pretend to be anyone. E(A) → B : “I’m Alice” “I’m Alice” Elvis A Simple Protoco l Alice Bob {“I’m Alice”} Kab A → B : {“I’m Alice”} Kab If Alice and Bob share a key “Kab”, then Alice an encrypt her message. { _ } Kab means symmetric key encryption A Simple Protoco l